PROMO PLUS RETAIL LTD was founded in 2014.
Our aim is to create excellence and our long term experience has earned our company a reputation as top players in the world of tailor made premiums.
We develop, create and produce quality designs that perfectly fit our clients needs and wishes. Based on our professional assessment of their identity, by supporting their marketing strategy and communications, we help take their brand to the next level.

PROMO PLUS RETAIL LTD is the perfect creative sparring partner for specific promotions. A dedicated team of developers and designers, a creative mindset and professionalism makes us distinctive in our business.
Due to our many years of experience we have built up our extended network as far as Asia.

Mode of operation
Our carefully considered mode of operation is the result of many years experience and our love of excellence.

PROMO PLUS RETAIL LTD has gained a reputation of quality, reliability and flexibility in the world of custom made premiums.
We design, produce and distribute custom made premiums to support projects or special campaigns. Our knowledge of trends and costing allows us to design solutions supporting the identity of a brand or company and remain within their budget.

With carefully selected partners we handle the total concept.
From the initial development of the idea, to production, packaging, user manuals, permits, transport and quality marks.


quality controle

Quality Controle
PROMO PLUS RETAIL LTD works with high grade reliable factories. We are reliable because a well experienced quality control team looks after quality and compliance according to WORLDWIDE regulations, ensuring our products and services are in line with all relevant WORDWIDE product safety, health and environmental regulations.

We take care of all vital aspects of the supply chain so that our customers – leading retailers and brands - can focus on their customers. Dedicated teams of product specialists focus on each customer segment to professionally manage the entire supply chain - product design - product development - vendor compliance - raw material sourcing - factory sourcing - manufacturing control - shipping control - forwarder consolidation - customs clearance - local forwarding consolidation

code of conduct

We are responsible for a strict policy towards overseas production, environmental issues, quality and safety. This code of conduct is fundamental to all of the contracts we negotiate with suppliers and manufacturers. 


custom made


Special marketing campaigns deserve a unique products, something new and exciting that helps towards brand leverage, identity and achieving marketing goals.
With our own design team we have the creative capabilities to turn ideas into reality! We do this with vigorous dedication and an eye for detail.


Whether a client is looking for a specific item to promote their business or creating a unique product to power their branding strategy, we have the creative resources to find the right product or appropriate merchandise to meet our clients requirements.

Would a client prefer to keep things simple and buy “off the shelf” or perhaps need a premium at the last minute? Of course that is another possibility. Our stock collection offers the ideal solution.

Because of our worldwide collaboration with strategic partners, we have a stock collection of thousands of quality premiums.